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Sermons on St. John Lateran

You searched for sermons preached on: St. John Lateran, Cycle A
Zeal for Our House  Click here Click title to view sermon John 2: 13–22
Summary: Jesus cleared the temple of the moneychangers and the sacrifice sellers, but that was not to condemn us for selling tamales or cookies on parish grounds after Mass. It was to protect the rights of the poor, who are the Savior’s children.
A St. John Lateran Palette
Life That Extends Beyond the Building  Click here Click title to view sermon Ezekiel 47: 1–12
Summary:  The very concept of church can be taken for granted. As we focus on the dedication of the mother church of the Catholic world, we are invited to reflect on what we mean by church and realize that we as its members are called to be life-giving water for the world.
A St. John Lateran Palette
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