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Sermons on 1 Peter: 1

You searched for sermons from the Book of: 1 Peter: 1
More Than a Silver Spoon  Click here Click title to view sermon 1 Peter 1: 3–9
Summary: The resurrection of Jesus to a new kind of life means that those who believe in him also have a new life. The powers of evil do not have final control over them. Being born again is a gift, like the gift of life that a new baby receives. Christians setting out on this life are faced with hardships, but they also have the assurance of a tremendous inheritance.
A Easter 2 Easter 2 Easter 2 Easter 2 Palette
Our Father the Judge  Click here Click title to view sermon 1 Peter 1: 17–21
Summary: God is our Father. He is also our judge. Each term tell us something different about God, but the meaning implied in each is vital to our relationship with God. God is the loving Father, but that love also judges us. Through his mercy, however, we can have boldness on the day of judgment.
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