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Sermons about Luke 5

You searched for sermons from the Book of: Luke 5
The Freedom of Leaving Everything  Click here Click title to view sermon Luke 5: 1–11
Summary: Peter, James and John left everything to follow Jesus. What is it that made them do that? And what is it that creates that same kind of radical discipleship in believers today?
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Measuring Our Trust Level  Click here Click title to view sermon Luke 5: 1–11
Summary: Most of us would be reluctant to leave everything behind, including our job or our profession, to follow someone we hardly knew. However, that is exactly what three professional fishermen did when Jesus came along. Simon, James and John followed him into the deep and then left everything to follow him to an unknown life. We may not be fishermen, but Jesus beckons us nonetheless.
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Caught by Jesus, Catching People  Click here Click title to view sermon Luke 5: 1–11
Summary: What we see in this passage is the way in which Jesus goes about “catching people” to follow him and be his disciples. We need to find ourselves in this story and figure out, for ourselves and for our church, what our next step needs to be as we respond to Jesus’ call.
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