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Thanks to the Food Network, a lot of people have learned to smoke meat these days. One woman tells of her husband’s method: “Bob doesn’t just throw that great big hank of meat on the smoker and forget about it. No, he has to get up at 2:00 in the morning and start the fire so the smoke gets just right. Then, he sleeps on the sofa for an hour, rubs the meat with a secret special spice combination that he’s been perfecting for 20 years and puts the meat on the smoker. Back on the sofa, he lightly snoozes so he can check on his precious meat every hour. Even with all this, there’s no guarantee when dinner might be. The smoke varies with outside winds, wood quality or even the density of the piece of meat. Bob takes great pride in this process, and when he is finally ready to serve his smoked prize, it tastes incredible! After dinner, everyone raves about it! Of course, Bob never hears them because he is usually sound asleep on a lawn chair somewhere.”

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