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Forgiveness and Inner Peace

Anne FitzPatrick writes of coming home one night after a pleasant outing with her husband and friends to find that their house had been broken into and robbed. The house had been ransacked and many of the things taken had not only monetary value, but sentimental value as well. Anne was at first shocked, then angry and finally frightened. Her inner spring of security had been poisoned. For weeks, the break–in was never far from any of Anne’s conversations. She became suspicious of anyone she didn’t recognize and had trouble sleeping. She had become shackled to bad memories.

One evening, several weeks after the robbery, the theft was again the topic of family conversation. Anne’s teenage son, Bill, said, “We should stop dwelling on what happened to us. We lost only things, but [the thieves] lost a lot more. They’re out of grace of God by breaking his law.” Bill went on to suggest that they should pray for the intruders. Slowly, Anne began to understand the godly wisdom her 17–year–old son had spoken. She later said that as she was able to forgive the thieves, her own sense of inner peace returned.

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